Tired of the same results on the tennis court?

Let Total tennis domination give you a road map to getting your tennis game unstuck.

How It Works

Step 1

Phase 1:


Consistency is the bed rock on any tennis game yet most players don't focus on it. We teach you a new way to look at and be more consistent on the court.

Step 2

Phase 2:

Technical Foundation

Once you are consistent we show you how to use your body efficiently to get more out of your strokes. You'll learn how to create effortless power, spin and accuracy on your strokes. 

Step 3

Phase 3:

Strategy + Tactics

Strategy and tactics is about learning how to find or create and advantage no manner who you're playing.

Who's TTD For...

Improve your consistency

Tennis players struggling with consistency - Love use because we show you simple way to dramatically improve your consistency without change your entire stroke.

Improve your technique

Players wanting to improve their technique - Love how detail and practical we are about show you what to do and giving you specific drills that you can do.

Improve your strategy

Player who want play smarter in matches - B because we breakdown strategy and make it personal to fix the style of tennis you want to play.

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What Clients Say

I’ve has lessons at all the major camps including Bolleteri, Macci, and Stan Smith and your coaching was the best ever!!!
Thanks for everything,

 Jonathan Dubin  

“Kevin’s lessons are the perfect blend of talk and play. He combines the teaching of just the right amount of information, so the brain doesn’t go into overload, with the hitting exercises that start the muscle memory that reinforce the technical info. And he’s doing it all while you’re having a great time.”

Kelley Rust