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  • Most flat serves have some level of spin(very small) to increase the servers margin and allow the server to hit big serves that go in the court. The amount of spin will depend on how much you get left to right when you’re hitting the ball and the level of pronation used, once you have a good understanding and feel for both, you can adjust to get your desired ball.

  • I’m a coach and as for me these videos are fabulous (I didn’t yet check others, talking now about the serve only). Especially I like #4 and #5. In fact I tried a lot of times to explain that “reaching back of fridge” to my players, but still feel this as the hardest part to explain. Usually I used to say that player should serve up instead of forward. So the drill looks like stretching arm up and relaxing wrist at the end. Probably for the beginners this Serve Course is too complicated, but I’m very happy to find it! Thank You, Kevin!

    • Awesome, Yes the pronation part of learning, the serve can sometimes be the hardest for a player coming from a pancake style service mission.

  • Hey Kevin,
    great course great explanations. Getting the fundamentals right is so important. Really appreciate the work you put in. I will recommend this course to my students. Greetings from Germany!

  • Kevin, love your videos, great explanation for each part of the serve.

    Yet, when you where talking about placement, I was expecting you to explain a little bit more on how to place the ball on the right spots of the service box. How to place the ball on the T, how to serve to the body of the opponent, how to serve out wide…
    Should we toss the ball on a certain way for us to place the ball in these particular spots?
    Thank you!

    • Hey Carlos, the targets that you want to hit are determined by the spot targeting that you use for hitting the ball. For example if you’re on the add side and hit the inside of the ball. Your serve is going to go wide. Make sure you get a chance to watch the spot targeting video. Thanks

  • Awesome videos. Easy to follow, and makes a lot of sense. I have the top of the refrigerator stuck in my head on how to finish the pronation. I can’t wait to try them out.

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