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Are you itching to take your tennis skills to the next level? Picture yourself nailing those strokes and achieving your tennis dreams. Well, guess what? Your game-changing opportunity is here!

Personalized On-Court Coaching

Get ready to work one-on-one with the amazing Kevin, right from the comfort of your court, thanks to virtual magic! Imagine the insights and progress you'll make.

Stroke Analysis

Select the stroke you're eager to perfect, record it, and shoot it our way. In just 48 hours, you'll receive a video analysis that'll blow your tennis socks off, complete with a pro comparison

Interactive Zoom Calls

Kevin's got your back with four 30-minute Zoom calls. Dive into adjustments, get your burning questions answered, and uncover those stroke secrets. Personalized drills? You bet!

Guaranteed Results

We're not just promising; we're guaranteeing results. If you don't get the results you're aiming for (we know you will!), Kevin will keep working with you until you're acing it. Practice makes perfect, right?

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Limited Spots Available

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Our package is the real deal

We've combined desirability, success likelihood, convenience, and effortlessness for you.

The Feature Highlights

  • Phone with a tripod and holder for easy setup on the court.
  • Your favorite court to do your lesson on (we're talking your tennis playground!).
  • Don't forget those wireless earbuds to keep Kevin's wisdom crystal clear.
  • While not required, having a basket of balls or a machine nearby is highly recommended for some epic practice sessions.

Hurry, because spots are vanishing faster than aces on the court! Join us and become the tennis player you've always dreamed of!


What they say

AHHH this is amazing! Thank you so much for the encouragement and the clear breakdown. You were 100% correct on what I was doing, and I really appreciate the progressions to help me work on this.

Meng - TTD Student

“Kevin’s lessons are the perfect blend of talk and play. He combines the teaching of just the right amount of information, so the brain doesn’t go into overload, with the hitting exercises that start the muscle memory that reinforce the technical info. And he’s doing it all while you’re having a great time.”

Kelley Rust  - TTD Student