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What You'll Learn from this Thrive Apprentice Course

When I set out to create this course, I knew exactly what outcomes I had in mind for those who enroll.

  • How to get Thrive Apprentice up and running quickly
  • How to utilize a tech stack of membership plugins and payment processors without being lost and confused over how all of these tools work together
  • The ins and outs of Thrive Apprentice's special integrations with ThriveCart
  • How to create a great student experience with a dashboard and login experience

Course Curriculum


Module 1: Intro and Setup of Thrive Apprentice

I walk you through the setup process as we go over my recommended Thrive Apprentice settings and how to customize the appearance of your course index. We review menus, sidebars, topics, labels, and even build a login and registration page for Thrive Apprentice!


Module 2: Building Your Course in Thrive Apprentice

You'll learn how best to implement modules, chapters, and lessons as well as how to configure your 'course details' and access restrictions. By the end of this module, you can take that great course you've developed and confidently build it in Thrive Apprentice.


Module 3: Key Pages in the Course Funnel

In this crucial module we deep dive into all of the key pages you'll need in your course funnel, including a Confirmation page and Student Dashboard. I'll show you how to quickly and efficiently build a course sales page. Best part: All of the templates are INCLUDED!


Module 4: Selling & Protecting Your Courses

We deep dive into the most confusing aspects of protecting and selling your courses by setting up and integrating my preferred membership plugin (WishList Member) and connecting all of the dots from start to finish for your course. I've also included tutorials for:

  • Selling courses with WooCommerce
  • Selling courses with Stripe
  • Selling courses with ThriveCart
  • Giving away courses FREE in exchange for an email
  • How to protect other pages on your website when users buy access to a course
  • 4

    Module 5: Integrating Email Marketing & Other Tools

    This ever-growing section of the course provides insights and tutorials for the best way to integrate additional tools into your Thrive Apprentice tech stack. We start by looking at the easiest ways to integrate your email marketing provider.

    This module will continually grow as new tutorials are added for the latest course tech stack integrations.

    Tech Stack Used in the Course

    The principles outlined in this course apply to any membership plugin or payment processor that you use, and in many cases the steps and overall guidance provided will universally apply. However, if you would like to use the exact tech stack that I go over in this course (which I recommend), then you'll want to pick up the following:

    Membership Plugin:

    Checkout / Cart Tools:

    Page Builder:

    We also go over a few other tools including: Fluent Forms, ConvertKit, SendFox, and WooCommerce.

    Amazing Benefits from Enrolling Now

    It's Always Up-to-Date

    Thrive Apprentice is going to EXPLODE this year with major updates and revisions to the entire platform because online course has never been more important! I have the inside scoop on what's coming to Thrive Apprentice and will ensure this course keeps you completely in-the-know of all changes.

    NOTE: As new tech stack integrations release and as I discover new ways to enhance the course creation and selling experience, I'll include NEW LESSONS giving you all the details.

    Exclusive Support from Doug

    Not only do we have a Thrive Apprentice course community for all students, but you also get exclusive access to me for insights, recommendations, tips, support, and guidance. You don't have to go at this alone! Enjoy the peace of mind that having this support network can provide.

    Join the Community! All students are given access to our brand new community available only to those who enroll! You'll be invited to join the community immediately after you enroll in the course.

    Who is This Course For?

    Let's make sure you're a great fit for this course!

    • New Thrive Apprentice owners who want an overview of the platform and how to get their course up and running quickly
    • Anyone struggling with figuring out how to best integrate membership plugins, payment processors, and the rest of their tech stack
    • Those who are hesitant to go at this 'course creation' process alone and need a network of like-minded creators to share in this journey

    Identify with any of the above? If so, let's get you signed up!

    Course Format and What to Expect

    Video Lessons

    Every lesson  in this course is taught through VIDEO where you see my screen and hear me talk as I walk you through the objectives in that lesson.

    Want to try before you by? Check out the Convology Youtube Channel. If you like that style then you'll feel right at home in this course.

    No Boring PowerPoint Slides, No Theory, All Practical & Hands-on

    You won't find presentations or slides in this course. Every video is 100% hands-on with Thrive Apprentice and the tech stack I use to bring it all together. 

    Built Using the Same Tech Stack that I Teach

    Thrive Apprentice to Master is actually built in Thrive Apprentice! When you enroll, you'll receive a login to access your course. Inside the course itself you'll find modules and lessons, starting with an introduction detailing how to get up and running quickly with Thrive Apprentice. And yes, this entire process is powered by exactly what I teach in this course.

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    100% Money Back Guarantee

    We all know money back guarantees increase conversions, right? It's true. But I also really, really believe in the value I provide in my courses. If you buy one of my courses and you're not satisfied, I want to know why because that means I need to fix something so that you're happy. If, even after we talk and I go out of my way to make it right, you're still not happy then of course I'll fully refund your money. You're should read the Refund Policies.