• Kevin – yes, I would like to know more about fundamentals about tennis. I have so many questions on all areas. But I will start with this – what are the fundamentals about (first) serve consistency?

    • The fundamentals of the serve, comes down to understanding how the racquet face and path are used to direct the ball and create spin to add margin. When you understand how to use both you can have a consistent first(depending on how hard you try to hit it) and second serve. I will go deeper in future videos, thanks for the comment and question.

  • A lot of very good points Kevin! To me, I feel the fundamentals are the building blocks for my game on my level. Once I have the solid foundations and building blocks for my level, I can build on it and win some matches. But I feel if I want to move up, somehow I will need to go back to the drawing board and improve all the “building blocks”. I don’t know. What is your definition of “getting better” in tennis?

    • I like the idea of the building blocks that you’re talking about. When I think about getting better it’s really about doing the fundamental things at a higher and higher level. At one level consistency means just getting the ball back but at another level, it means hitting the ball crosscourt and not missing. At the next level, it means hitting crosscourt and changing direction without missing. All levels are still focusing on being consistent but it’s at different levels of difficulty. There are more levels and other elements that you can combine to help a player improve. When a player is having trouble improving is because they haven’t developed one of the fundamental parts to a level that would allow them to overcome the problem that their opponent is presenting them.

      Thanks for the comment!

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