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Master The Forehand 

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What You'll Learn from this Forehand Level Up  Course

When I set out to create this course, I knew exactly what outcomes I had in mind for those who enroll.

  • How to hit a reliable and repeatable forehand
  • How to create effortless power using your body
  • Understand how to increase your consistency and placement
  • How to move to the ball in the most efficient matter that can make you faster on the court.

Course Curriculum


The course has 17 videos that take you from start to finish

Each video show you a concept and drills to practice so you can transform your forehand. 

  1. Forehand General Principles
  2. Holding Your Grip
  3. 3 Grip breakdown
  4. Rotation
  5. Neutral Rotation
  6. Forehand Swing
  7. Advanced Topspin Swing
  8. Advanced Separation
  9. Forehand Placement Part 1
  10. Topspin
  11. Rock Solid Contact
  12. Placement Part 2
  13. Power Loading 
  14. Perfect Footwork
  15. Footwork Simplified
  16. Effortless Timing 
  17. Perfect Consistency

Amazing Benefits from Enrolling Now

It's Always Up-to-Date

Since I'm on the court daily I find new ways and drills to help teach concept that can improve your forehand. I 

NOTE: As new tech stack integrations release and as I discover new ways to enhance the course creation and selling experience, I'll include NEW LESSONS giving you all the details.

Exclusive Support from Doug

Not only do we have a Thrive Apprentice course community for all students, but you also get exclusive access to me for insights, recommendations, tips, support, and guidance. You don't have to go at this alone! Enjoy the peace of mind that having this support network can provide.

Join the Community! All students are given access to our brand new community available only to those who enroll! You'll be invited to join the community immediately after you enroll in the course.

Who is This Course For?

Let's make sure you're a great fit for this course!

  • You feel like everytime you step onto the court your forehand is different and not repeatable.
  • You have trouble creating power and acceleration without getting tight and muscled.
  • You're looking to rebuild your forehand and want a step by step system to follow.

Identify with any of the above? If so, let's get you signed up!

Course Format and What to Expect

Video Lessons

Every lesson  in this course is taught through VIDEO where you see me walking you step by step through new principles and drills that will improve your forehand.

Want to try before you by? Check out the Total Tennis Domination Youtube channel. If you like that style then you'll feel right at home in this course.

No Boring PowerPoint Slides, No Theory, All Practical & Hands-on

You won't find presentations or slides in this course. Every video is 100% hands-on with Thrive Apprentice and the tech stack I use to bring it all together. 

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We all know money back guarantees increase conversions, right? It's true. But I also really, really believe in the value I provide in my courses. If you buy one of my courses and you're not satisfied, I want to know why because that means I need to fix something so that you're happy. If, even after we talk and I go out of my way to make it right, you're still not happy then of course I'll fully refund your money. You're should read the Refund Policies.

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