Effortless Forehand Formula

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  • Thanks, Kevin. It’s a fresh approach to the forehand. I like the idea of building it from contact and feel first instead of from the unit turn and backswing. I’ll work on learning to feel the ball better against a wall. But how are you going to make any money if you give everything away for free? I assumed there would be advertising, but I don’t see any. You could at least put it on YouTube and get some revenue from there.

    Good luck! Kevin

    • Thanks for commenting. I’ve had better results with my student by focusing on the contact first. I will put the program on Youtube once Phase 2 is done. TTD will offer different coaching programs to support creating high quality free courses to players who want more hands on. thanks

  • Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for the “mechanics” of the structure. This has been very helpful. I watch videos of Roger, Rafa, Coco and Chris Evert, and others, and they stand differently from what I have been taught. Your video has broken down the “stand” very well and I am looking forward to reframing myself this afternoon and improving my structure.


  • Kevin,
    I am in the process of undoing 50 plus years of incorrect technique. Your “Effortless Forehand Formula” is the best piece of instruction that I have come across. Kudos to you and many thanks for your program!

  • Great breakdown of the forehand. As I have just gotten into tennis, all the rules of feet, hand, shoulder, etc have crept into my mind. Then what is causing the issue? The is the best breakdown for a natural swing. Will be working on the drills to improve timing and contact point to improve consistency. Thanks Kevin for the great lesson.

  • Thank you Kevin for this training. Key for me is maintaining the structure for the forehand and the movements of the wrist. I have practiced this and have much more power on my forehand without really trying for power. I think that I previously was overthinking every aspect of a good forehand. Another thing that I appreciate, is your explaining that pros have their way of hitting and I, as a recreational player, will not be able to hit a ball like them. I turn off coaches that try to teach students the techniques used my pros. I LOVE Nadal as a player. Could never hit like him! (Smile)

    • Awesome that you’re having more success with your forehand! Joyce, the key is listening to how your body moves while incorporating those key fundamentals. Thanks

  • Tremendous! Certainly one of the best FH course ever on the internet! Lot of paid courses are worse quality. What a pity there is not lefty version of the videos. Hope that thre will be overhead and volley free courses in the future. Thanks for all

  • I’m a 9 UTR player and I just want to say this has helped me tremendously. For other high level players, I really recommend watching every single video to understand fundamentals better. Question related to video 8 in the playlist, where should we be trying to meet the ball for a volleys in general?

    • Thank you, in general, you wanna meet the ball in the structure position, which allows you to transfer both your weight and your rotational force through the ball. This is not always possible due to speed of the ball, conditions on the court and etc but that’s the optimal goal.

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