How to hit solid and repeatable Groundstrokes consistently.

...Without pushing the ball or becoming a pusher!

This is my personal consistency system that will work for you too!

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  What You're going to learn

  1. You're going to learn the 4 levers for Controlling the ball and hitting any shot you want.
  2.  how to recognize different balls and respond with the right shot so you make fewer mistakes.
  3. Make every ball you hit have a purpose so your opponent have to work harder to win points.

  How You're Doing it

  1. All instruction is using Short to the point online videos.
  2.  You'll have anytime access to the lessons.
  3. Progression build on each other and have specialized drills to help you train each concept.
  4. You have access to support if you have any questions or need help.

  The Requirements

  1. Internet access, a computer or phone.
  2. About 2 and 1/2 hour a week to practice the drills.
  3. Open mind to trying and learning new concepts.
  4. At least a 2.5 level of experience (this Program is Not for complete beginners)

  Important Disclaimer

  1. You will improve your consistency a ton but don't expect to nEVER Miss a ball after taking this program (Ever Nadal missing every once in a while). 
  2. If you only watch the videos and don't do the drills your results will be limited.
  3. Everyone learns and improves at different rates but you will improve.

  The Investment

  1. The investment is $47 if you purchase within the next 7 days.

  The Start Date

  1. The moment you register you can start the course and start improving.

Bonus #1 - 30 Day "What to do" Calendar

  1. You're getting a 30 day calendar of what drills and lessons that you should do.
  2. If you don't want to do 30 days in a row,  just use the calendar as a practice guide for the next time you practice.

Bonus #2 - Consistency Ball Machine Training

  1. You'll learn the 4 concept to making a ball machine you new favorite tennis partner.
  2. You're going to learn how to set up and use a ball Machine to improve you consistency without needing a practice partner or coach.
  3. I'll show you the exact drills that you should do with a ball machine and how to do them. 

Bonus #3 - Footwork and Fitness

  1. Learn the drills to improve your footwork and fitness so you get to more balls and hit better shots.
  2. Learn how to customize your footwork and fitness to the way you play.
  3. Learn my visualization technique for programming your mind to hit the right shots at the right time.

30 Money Back Guarantee 

  1. If you don't love it get you money back and Keep the bonuses so you can still get the results I promised.
  2. 100% Risk free Deal