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TTD Virtual Coaching helps tennis players navigate all the multiple struggles on the tennis court and achieve goals.....anytime and anywhere. Explore our various virtual coaching packages and decide which one is best for you.

Virtual Coaching is meant for you if...

You've been practicing and practicing but feel like there is something missing when you get into matchplay.


You feel like your weakness on a specific stroke is holding you back from winning more matches.

We get it...

We know you want to win more matches and we know you want to feel like you are improving each time you step foot on the court... This is why we designed TTD Virtual Coaching. We give you multiple options to find exactly what will be most advantageous to you right now in your tennis journey.

If you have a stroke that is holding you back from reaching the next level, we have you covered in our Stroke Analysis Package. 

If you want to us to be on the court with you and help you in real time with your game, the On Court Coaching Package is perfect for you.  

If you're looking or the best of both worlds, including multiple stroke analysis, match analysis and personalized on court coaching, the Virtual Extreme Package is an amazing deal and will be guaranteed to take you to the next level. 

No matter which package you choose, you will receive a personalized summary, which is the perfect tool to take your lesson with you to the court. There will be no more wondering what drills you need to do to improve your forehand or serve, we have it all laid out for you in your personalized road map to see maximum results in a minimal amount of time.

Virtual Coaching Packages

Stroke analysis PACKAGE



If you have one or more strokes that are holding you back from leveling up your game. This is the package for you!

  • Send in videos of one or multiple strokes that you want to work on ($97 per stroke analysis)
  • Side-by-side comparisons of all strokes to the pros
  • Each video analysis you will receive video feedback & personalized drills to address any inefficiencies
  • You can add as many strokes as you want to personalize your package ($97 per stroke analysis)
  • Personalized Road Map of exactly how & what you need to do to improve & see results
On/OFF Court Coaching PACKAGE



If you are looking for a personalized on court virtual coaching session. This is the package for you. 

  • Using Zoom, we will be right there on the court with you to coach you in real time.
  • Each lesson is 60 minutes, you can add as many as you want ($147 per lesson)
  • Summary of everything discussed in your lesson.
  • Specific drills that you should do to address any inefficiency 
  • Personalized Road Map of exactly how & what you need to do to improve & see results



If you need specific ways to win more matches using personalized strategies as well as some tweaks to your strokes along the way, this package is for you!

  • Work on your entire game over 10 sessions
  • Send in videos of multiple strokes & matchplay that you want to work on
  • We map out how you should play & what you can do to increase your performance
  • Side-by-side comparisons of all of your strokes to the pros
  • Each video analysis you will receive video feedback & personalized drills to address any inefficiencies
  • Three 60 min Zoom On Court Coaching Sessions 
  • Personalized Road Map of exactly how & what you need to do to improve & see results coaching calls
  • This package is an amazing value at 30% off.

Virtual Coaching is for everyone!

All ages & all levels of play.

What separates us from other virtual coaches out there?

  • Video analysis...... you not only get specific video analysis of strokes, but personalized drills to help you implement them into your play.
  • On court coaching... we have the ability to be right there with you on or off the court to help you with exactly what you need to level up your game in real time.
  • Matchplay analysis... this gives you the option to truly find multiple ways to win more matches, whether it be coaching you through personalized strategies to enhance your strengths on the court or tweak your strokes to improve your weaknesses. We give you the full tennis improvement experience.
  • Experience of coaching... With over 50 years combined experience at all ages and levels, Kevin & Megan Garlington are ready to tackle your biggest tennis concerns. They will never let a struggle or weakness stand in your way to seeing your full tennis potential. They have coached everyone from beginner adults to top level high performance juniors. They have built a large presence online and on the court, traveled the world to learn and experience different styles of teaching & love developing programs that make learning fun and easy.

Dr. Dubin

Tennis Player

These videos are an excellent.  As we discussed, I’ve has lessons at all the major camps including Bolleteri, Macci, and Stan Smith and your coaching was the best ever!!!


Tennis Player

AHHH this is amazing! Thank you so much for the encouragement and the clear breakdown. You were 100% correct on what I was doing, and I really appreciate the progressions to help me work on this.


Tennis Parent

It's wonderful to get feedback from someone with so much tennis knowledge and to know that Franco are on the right path to hopefully becoming a professional tennis player one day. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

Consistency in Matchplay

Tennis is a game of errors and many of these errors come from stroke technique issues. Through the video analysis & live coaching sessions, you will see exactly what you need to change to be more like the pros, through the video feedback you will get a detailed explanation of how to make those changes in your practices, and through the personalized drills you will be able to practice these changes correctly so that you can integrate them into your matchplay. These small tweaks will increase your consistency and result and more wins in your matches. 

Understanding the WHY

Where some coaches might just tell you what to do, we truly go into depth about WHY things happen on the court. We can't be there with you each day you practice, but if have more understanding of the physics behind what happens they you will be able to make those small fixes by yourself when it really counts. The goal is not to never make errors, but rather to understand why the errors are happening and fix them so you don't make the same error over and over again in your matches.

Have a Game Plan

It's not just about having a game plan, but rather embracing your game style, analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and understanding how to use them to your advantage on in a match. When we analysis your matchplay we can truly help you reach the next level by pinpointing specific strategies of play that are advantageous to you against your opponents. 

Revisit your Lesson

All of your feedback (video analysis, video feedback, drills and matchplay) are all recorded for you. Not only can you take them with you to the court, but you can revisit them at anytime when you need to remind yourself of the focus points we went over in your lesson. This is where virtual coaching is amazing. You don't leave a lesson and have to remember everything you learned because it's all right at your fingertips anytime you need it. 

What happens after you buy a virtual coaching package?


Step 1: Check your email

Once you click the buy button, you will receive an email with all the details. If you bought a video analysis package, we will take you through how to video your strokes and/or matchplay for the best virtual coaching experience, how to upload them for us to view and analyze, how to receive your video analysis, video feedback and drills for your use on the courts and how to set up your coaching calls. If you bought an on/off court coaching package, we will contact you with options for dates and times.


Step 2: Video your strokes and/or matchplay OR Schedule your coaching session

For Video Analysis: Use the steps laid out for you in the email for specific angles and distance for your video sessions. This helps to make the process seamless for you and ensures you will get your video analysis, video feedback and drills back in a timely manor. 

For Coaching Session: Schedule your date and time through email. 


Step 3: Download your video analysis, feedback & drills

Once we send you all the information, you will be able to download it and take it on the court with you anytime you need it. This includes the video analysis, video feedback, drills and coaching sessions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

We give you 30 days after you receive your first video analysis to make sure you love it. If you are at all not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund the entire amount back to you. 

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